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The quest for marriage equality is not that new of a thing, really. The first court challenges began to show up soon after the signing of the last of the Civil Rights Acts by President Johnson in the later 1960s. Following several “thou shalt nots” over the next couple of decades, Massachusetts became the first […]

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It’s “Jenny’s Wedding” – And You’re All Invited

It’s spring; we’ve turned the page on the vernal equinox, and we’re peaking out from under those tightly crocheted wool caps.  No, not the hipster ones, the functional ones.  The days are longer, the birds are singing, and we’re heading into those often uncertain months of alternating storm and calm…yes, it’s wedding season.  Invitations requesting […]

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Episode 21 – The ‘Schmootz on Michelle Paradise

I am very lucky; I get to engage in conversation with some pretty amazing people. The topics of conversation can range from the political world, to the entertainment world, to the wonderful world of science. Sometimes I am fortuitous enough to wrap all those conversations into one. My interview with Michelle Paradise is one such […]


Episode 20 – “The ‘Schmootz on Vivian Bang”

There is nothing I like more than sitting down to a conversation with a smart, funny woman.  Ok, add wine and maybe I would like it more.  That being said, the time I spent chatting with Vivian Bang, one of the stars of the TBS comedy, Sullivan & Son, ranks right up there with some […]

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Episode 19 – “The ‘Schmootz on Beth Hart”

Yes, long before Jillian Michaels began losing it, I have been captivated with that sultry, raspy-voiced, blues siren, Beth Hart.  Just look at the picture a couple of lines above this text, and the reason is obvious, right?  In the most superficial of ways, yes, but what draws me to Beth is the liberating nostalgia […]

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Episode 18 – “The ‘Schmootz on Alec Mapa, America’s Baby Daddy”

I met Alec Mapa about ten years ago at a charity fundraiser.  He performed a stand-up set that left me in pain; I laughed so hard my side hurt.  Rare is the occasion that giving to charity not only exercises your heart, but also works your abdominals.  As I sat down with Alec last week, […]

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