Episode 6 – The “Schmootz on” Eréndira Ibarra

Last week I was lucky enough to engage in conversation with the lovely Eréndira Ibarra who portrays Mariana, half of the smoldering same-sex super-couple of Julia and Mariana on the telenovela, Las Aparicio.  Take a look:

[youtube 6La-ZIrzl5M&feature=related nolink]

As you will hear, Erendira is extremely gracious to this uni-lingual, English-only, American blogger.  We chat about the Mexican soap opera, the truthful, yet controversial storyline of “Juliana”, and the extreme commitment of bilingual fans who take it upon themselves to subtitle the LGBT themed love story.

I blogged about the fact you should be watching, and now it’s verbalized.  This is no fairy tale, this is a soap opera, and there is plenty of drama.  There is no platitude of patronizing head bumping or finger caressing; there is honest passion…and a love triangle that is agonizingly frustrating.  But I can’t stop watching over and over again.

Click the heels. listen, and enjoy.  I know I did.

Las Aparicio will be coming in it’s entirety to Telemundo.com.  Until then, I have listed links to the YouTube channels with subtitles:  love2angel12, nixawme, and scootgirl100


  1. Quigley20 says:

    Loved it Schmootz and Erin. You got me know. Starting my Las Aparicio experience now.

  2. Michele says:

    I love love love Erendira! She’s seems so genuine and of course she’s very talented. I hope to see alot more of her in the future

  3. Beautiful interview Eren is such a great person thank you so much!! =)

  4. Michele says:

    Excited to see some real coverage of this international sensation for the English speaking fan. Other then grassroots sites and the YouTube channel I have found this show largely ignored. It’s nice to see someone from this talented bunch highlighted. Thanks Schmootz and Erendira

  5. I love this show just beautiful. I really wish someone will sub all the parts with the sisters.Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Amazing interview! I will be incredibly upset when the show comes to an end.

  7. When make this interview??

  8. The interview was conducted on Friday, 16 July.

  9. Wonderful interview I enjoyed every part of it. Thank you so much

  10. OMG!!! i can’t believe Erendira speaks english soooo good! i didnt think she did! it would be cooler to see her face while she’s speaking so i could reeeally believe it’s her!!! LoL!

  11. virginia says:

    awesome interview!! erendira ibarra is truly a beautiful person inside and out. i have to say early on in the show i had wondered whether or not she spoke english with an american accent and then lo and behold she said, “little miss misfit” and i was reeling with excitement lol. i hang on to this show like no other.. gracias gracias gracias!!

  12. Really loved this interview and learning some about the shows background that I was missing as an English speaking audience member. Looking forward to more show coverage.

  13. juan manuel says:

    hi i’m from méxico somebody can tell me what is the name of the artist that always is playing mariana at her apartment

  14. hi im from mexico, and your interview is great, since i see the trailer on cadena tres, the channel where you can see “Las Aparicio” every night, i’ve been observant every episode and even the comments of the show and the preview that Argos upload hours before the show.
    I think is very cool that a lot of people in the world have been seeing it and being interested on it so.
    Shows like this with their intelligent production, thematic and issues, help people in many sense, because what happens there is real life, also many things that they talk about are problems that people have to go through as discrimination, injustice or corruption.
    It is really great and intelligent television, something that all we need to see sometime, stare and say wooow all that things are trueee, what are we gonna do as individual, as society even as humanity to change that.
    Thanks for you interview Eréndira is such a amazing actress and personally i love what she does in the screen and all the emotions she can transmit us.
    Thanks again Great Job :)

  15. I forgot in the other comment, juan manuel the singer that mariana is always listening in her loft is Ciara Newell, and some of the songs are Nothing Spoken, Ice Cream (that is also the background music of some scenes of “Juliana”).
    And another song is Last Love Song by Jemimah Barnett :)
    Hope that it helps u.

  16. Kat (UK) says:

    Really lovely interview. I’ve discovered the show from the fab recaps at Afterellen.com, but never expected it to have such considered integrity. Erendira is an articulate charming woman and this interview was an absolute pleasure to listen to. Thanks!

  17. Michele says:

    Quetz – thanks for the music information. Been wondering about that.

  18. Farah (UK) says:

    I love this show, i stumbled upon it after reading a review on afterellen.com and since then i’ve been hooked on it. I love Mariana’s character, i feel this sense of connection… and the whole chemistry between her and Julia seems so genuine/pure. I knew she had an American once i heard her say ‘little miss misfit’, i must have died instead.. she sounded so adorable lol its unfortunate they are both straight cos they are superrr hot. anyway, looking forward to how the story unfolds :)

  19. Wiebke (Germany) says:

    Hey – thanks for this beautiful interview!
    It’s great to get some more backround information about the show – as I am only speaking english and not spanish. Hope there will be sutitles or an englsih version of the whole show one day. Like you I love the storyline of Mariana and her father and that the show is so authentic. Thanks for this! Way to go!

  20. Thank you all for your comments. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Las Aparicio will indeed go to Telemundo.com in August where the entire 120 episodes will be subtitled. Just in watching the Mariana/Julia scenes, I get a sense of what is going on with the others, and I am very curious to know for sure.

  21. sounder (Canada) says:

    Thanks alot for the interview, it was very interesting. Have been following the show from the start on some Youtube pages with the English subtitles, and have been hooked ever since. I have to say it’s one of the best series I have ever seen, much better than some we get in N. America. Love watching the Julia and Mariana storyline, and also the relationship between the three sisters and the mother, love her too. But not too happy about what’s happening so far with the Juliana story and the ex.

  22. Wonderful interview, thanks very much! Great to hear Erendira’s views and thoughts.
    Though, being Dutch, hearing that Eren supported Spain in the World Cup, that hurt a lot. ;)

  23. She sounds like a pretty bright person. …also hot.

  24. Claudia says:

    Awesome interview I did not know she grew up here in the states.. Thats awesome she doesnt really have an acsent… I can feel her already.. Would love to see her an a movie here in the states.. I found out about this novela on afterellen.com I’m soooooo hooked addicted to it… Erendira you are sooooo HOT your soo talented your soo nice list goes on and on.. Does she have a facebook page? Keep up the great work.. I cant wait to watch it here in the USA.. We need something like this an spanish soaps here in the US… Love ya chica muchos besos…

  25. the podcast is of erendira’s sister: Natassja Ybarra

  26. philsgurl20 says:

    hi there i really love your interview of erlinda great english yeah, i hope they will continue their las aparicio or maybe seacond season.. i really love the storeies goes by and i use to watch them every now and then. i hope you will also wrote a blog for different ways of love by showing the series and movies of bisexual.

  27. Just got started with the show..I love JULIANA!!
    Kudos to Argos TV..what’s that on her shoulder and back side? are those tatoos? it looks so cool!

  28. That actually was a fun chat! It was nice to hear her thoughts on the character. I really wish I could watch the show here in the Philippines but of course the videos are unavailable *sigh* hope it will be soon!

  29. I just discovered this show! Do you know where I can watch/buy it with english subtitles in its entirety? Also, Is this telenovela still ongoing?

  30. thanks for the podcast. it was great and you can find all 120 episodes with english subtitles at mun2.tv

  31. i love there drama its so nice very good actress i love so much there collaboration with mariana and julia i felt much with my ex,,,i love you both i could watch over and over again

  32. i love there drama i could watch over and over again i love there love story it seems like i was with my x o my good juliana your such and nice loveteam

  33. i love to watch more with a subtitle English so that i can understand everything they say not only the movement or a little Spanish language…..120 episode

  34. CielJIgoku says:

    Oh God. I really like Eren. And honestly I don’t really watch telenovela, but Las Aparicio and Julianan story kinda got me hooked. Love Erendira <3

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