“Minx” Watch: ABC’s Real Same-sex Romance Is a Poke in CBS Eye

The long awaited love scene for Bianca (Christina Bennet Lind) and Marissa (Sarah Glendening) finally came to fruition, and it was a peach…well, in daytime terms anyway.  Watch.

And that sound you hear, Harold Camping, is not the world coming to an immediate end because two girls kissed on TV.  It’s the cheers from around that world that Bianca finally got her groove on…and an American television network, other than HBO, was courageous enough to show it.

I have to admit, this cynic has been waiting for the other designer shoe to fall or for the head bump to hit the wall.  Ok, sure, I’ve written about the well choreographed Minx kiss by fake Willow Lake…and fine, I’ve written about the confidence of Marissa knowing what she wants, Bianca, and isn’t afraid to say it.  And yeah, they are playing the little intimacy things just right.  Like when Marissa walked into the bar and kissed Bianca before she sat down at the table.  Hey, that’s what I do.  Not to Bianca, but you know what I mean.  But they can’t go much farther, right?  It’s Bianca.

From the moment Marissa says, “I want to spend the night with you,” to the point where Bianca does her best hands-in-pockets, Calamity Jane impression and walks away from Marissa asking the obligatory “If you don’t want to do this, I understand,” I had my doubts.  Then ABC surprised me again. Bianca finally takes the initiative and pulls Marissa into her with the force of two celestial bodies colliding.  Could it be?  Yes!   Here it comes, the big bang!  AMC even gave them slow, girl-sung, theme music…and a bed!  Yes, Minx, you are a real soap couple now.

I’ve got to hand it to the powers that be at All My Children.  It seems that someone at ABC is finally listening.  Not all that long ago, Bianca’s girl on girl daytime relationships culminated in first, death,





then a Polish kiss-off via long distance,





next a lovelorn plane ride into the sunset with no membership in the mile high club,





and finally a foot massage turned so passionate leaves Reese in pieces outside the door, crying for her daddy.

And don’t get me started on Zarf.  If Erica is known as the bag ‘em and tag ‘em mother lover, Bianca must be the love ‘em and lose ’em branch of the sugar Kane.

Now, I know that I’m being hard on AMC’s interminable Bianca-love-life on life support storylines.  It’s been no better in other same-sex pairings, worse even.  CBS had potential in Guiding Light’s Olivia and Natalia but they were canceled long before the soap ever was.  CBS Nuked Rafe and Adam and ABC’s Kyle and Oliver had bearly One Life To Live…on screen it was little more than broke-back and fade to black.  Apparently, the sponsors paid away the gay.  As for NBC’s same-sex storyline…*crickets*  In all fairness, I have heard there is a coming-out story coming on Days, and we all know by now it’s not Carly.

What will come next for Minx?  Who knows, but now that they have busted the lid off of Bianca’s box, there is no telling the list of evils released.  I shutter to think…PTA?  No!!!!

Hey, AMC, I’m still watching…and THAT’S saying something.


  1. Right on the money as usual, darlin!! But oh, what I wouldn’t give to have had it be with Eden and Liz!!

  2. I have to say that since I have been watching Bianca since she first came out, and was with Sarah, that her relationships have been one bad break-up after another. I have to agree that it seems that everyone that she gets involved with either dies, leaves, or cheats. Most of the time two or more of those.

    I am so glad that AMC has finally give her someone that she can depend on and be with. Someone that won’t do any of the forementioned relationship enders.

    One last thing, with AMC leaving for the internet, I hope that AMC or ABC dosen’t try to ruin this for us. I want more to happen not less. I want Minx to get a happy ending.

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