Heart Attack of the 10ft Gina!

big screen

You may have seen my tweet today about my misadventures with the 10 ft. Gina and Ani.  If I had not been sitting there I wouldn’t have believed it.  A Twitter recount of 140 characters or less would never give this experience the justice it deserves, so I decided to communicate my near Crystal calamity here.

I am in the Municipal chambers wearing my day job persona and preparing to speak to the district International Education program regarding environmental issues and their research project in chemistry, biology, and physics.  They are a captive audience as their project is dependent on my presentation.  City leaders from each ward are in the audience anxiously waiting with feigned support as this is an election year.

It was the perfect storm of technological tidal waves that ultimately washed me out into the Venice see.  Of course the entire city is Windows based and so the interface, out of sheer envy, refused to cooperate with my Keynote presentation.  I exported the document to PowerPoint, but cataclysmic errors occurred in the formatting and therefore the video clips wouldn’t play.  I am Mindschmootz, and I shudder at the thought of presenting my point of view without video!

Jim, my favorite IT guy, said I would have to use my personal MacBook and project it up on the 10ft by what has to be 12ft HD big screen, so he proceeded to connect it to the center monitor.  Now this is no average screen.  This is an extension of something, and it’s not small government.

I was busy looking over my notes and paying little attention until I heard an audible gasp from the crowd and then a WOOOOOO!  I looked up, and then in all her glory, was 10ft CC in her beater and Jessica on her shoulder…definitely NOT Otalia.  Oh my god, my screensaver!  The sexual tension was tighter than the strained faces of the politicos in the front row.

Now Jim, being the keeper of the banned social website key, has been an occasional watcher of Otalia clips with me, and I have recently pointed him in the direction of Venice.  He knew exactly what was on the screen and was just staring at it.  Suddenly, the blood rushed back to the upper part of his body and he came to his senses.  He hit the key pad, and just as quickly, Gina and Ani took second stage to the bland blue of the background.

All I could do was shake my head and smile…Gina and Ani in behemoth HD looked damn good.  Venice crew, your first test city was a success.  Perhaps I will be asked to speak in Dallas next. Cowboy stadium has that 60 yarder!  That will require some thought…