Twas the Morn Before Venice…

Venice2 promo

Twas the morn before Venice, when all through my mind,

This better be good, Turrisi, worth 9.99.

I’ve cued up the website with anticipatory care

In hopes that the server survives all the wear.

Canceling Otalia produced such a clatter,

That Crystal Chappell took rein of the matter.

A webseries for fangirls the remedy be,

Oh, and friends of the diva will work here for free.

Jessica Leccia (Natalia) was mustered,

Rewarding our patience for Olivia to uh, fork her.

The first 30 seconds is a promise of Hope,

A Royaltey similar to Slippery Slope.

The cast was assembled from daytime soap drama,

Employment lines scoured for Gina’s new papa.

A brother, a lover, an aunt and, an ex,

Venice the series, for straight and same-sex.

Now, Jordan, now Michael, now Gina and Lesli,

On Galen, on Nadia, on CC and Hillary.

From the sand of the beach to a kiss on the wall,

Act away, act away, act away all!

First they must figure a way to get paid,

Any good option short of Chappell getting laid.

We’ll open a store, sell t-shirts and panties,

Take pictures of Crystal will up all the ante.

A week of production, first season is done,

Tonight’s the premier of a multi week run.

Everything’s finished and what more can they do,

For Open Book Productions, a dream does come true.

I’ll watch with the eye of an impartial critic,

Everyone knows the ‘Schmootz is a cynic.

I’ll make up my mind on performance and write,

Happy Venice to all, as we log on tonight.