The Wonder of Climate Change

Alice in Wonderland
The Walt Disney Corporation

If I hear one more person seated at the Hatter’s tea party refer to the latest cold weather event as evidence that global warming is a hoax, I think I will surely go mad.  Come out of the rabbit hole, Alice.

Now, I realize this is an election year, and the grinning fat cats in our nation’s capital tend to be short on character and long on uncommon nonsense.  There is little surprise that in the deepest recession since the Great Depression, industry lobbyists and politicians are playing on the fears of a hurting nation and warning that tackling climate change would kick the economy while it is down.  As a result, the public has come to believe in climatic stewardship less and less.  While the average American is distracted more with how they will pay their heating bills, there is little doubt with the misinformation they are getting that some will find it difficult to accept global warming when it’s freezing outside.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released an updated report last week that 2009 tied as the second-warmest year on record.  The weather of the extreme that we have experienced lately is a direct result of warmer conditions changing existing weather patterns.  The simple science is that our overall warmer winters have increased mountain run-off and have contributed to late freezing or early thaw of our major water bodies.  Just as we studied the hydrologic cycle in our elementary science class, these conditions produce an abundance of surface water evaporation that recharges the atmosphere with increased moisture.  This moisture produces heavy precipitation such as the recent heavy rainfall in California and the snowstorms across the Midwest and the southern United States.

My good neighbors, I challenge you to seek out the facts yourself.  What we are experiencing now is variability.  Please stay on this side of the looking glass and don’t let some foul-tempered, pseudo-monarch of the opposition, lop off the proverbial head of common sense.  You have to realize the importance of reducing our emissions now.   These gases stay in the atmosphere for centuries.  And as it is, we’re already late…we’re very late.