“Anyone But Me” Episode 4 “Girl Talk” Speaks to Me

women having a talk

I had just gotten home from the airport last night when a friend of mine called to inform me that the long anticipated Episode 4 “ABM Tuesday” was fortunately an unanticipated day-early live link.  I was anxiously awaiting this episode because as luck would have it, my ABM experience began earlier in the morning as series co-writer and co-Executive Producer, Susan Miller, could have been having breakfast with anyone but me…but she wasn’t.

I will write more later about the best part of waking up with Susan Miller, but for now, I want to focus on the latest episode of the series, Anyone But Me, this particular one written by Susan and directed and edited by Tina Cesa Ward.

As I watched the episode unfold, I smiled and shook my head in recognition.  Just as I had experienced earlier that morning, Susan has a comforting and humorous way of bringing out the personal in a conversation, so too, does she have a similar way with these characters.  Utilizing the voice of an appropriately sarcastic therapist (guest star, Liza Weil), the dialogue begins to scratch at the surface of the complex and uncharted Aster (Nicole Pacent).  By all observations, Aster is a star…white-hot and radiant.  Don’t get too close, you might spontaneously combust.  Taking this into consideration, Tina allows the viewer to hover just above the periphery while the therapist cleverly explores Aster’s sexually charged and cynical solar flares.

Therapist: “So tell me about the first time?”  Aster: “That I had sex?”  Therapist: “I meant therapy, but I’m interested in hearing about that too.”

I like this facetious female Freud.  I could have used a therapist like her, not some miracle-cured, flaming former-gay, Southern Baptist that smelled eerily like Aqua Velva and fried chicken, but I digress.  I can’t wait to see where this goes.   Will we get a glimpse into Aster’s core, or will she burn out before we get the chance?  And what is that obvious thing, other than Aster, definitely orbiting around Vivian (Rachael Hip-Flores) and Sophie (Jessy Hodges)?  Soph’s superficial and sophomoric curiosity, or something meteor?

I know, I know…but this is frustrating.  So many questions, yet so little time.  Waiting has never been my forte, and don’t think I haven’t tried to entice the answers out of my morning coffee mate.  Susan is not talking.  The only crumbs I got came from the croissant.   Tina, give me direction!  Damn it.

Well, I guess it’s speculation for another week, but isn’t that what good entertainment is all about? A look, an angle, a word, a phrase can mean so many things to so many people.  I have a few favorable ideas and who knows better the journey these girls must take than someone who has traveled a like highway?  Can’t be anyone but me…right?