The CBS Eye FOCUSed With Very Narrow Lens

CBS logo

I have been lax in weighing in on the upcoming multi-million dollar, anti-abortion, Super Bowl ad sponsored by the ultra right-wing, evangelical Christian corporation, Focus on the Family.  Maybe I am merely desensitized to the hyperbolic antics of Focus On The Family, or as I like to refer to them, Focus On Your OWN Damn Family.  Maybe I’m just not surprised anymore that this “Christian” corporation continues to spend millions of dollars in pursuit of their own political ideals while laying off hundreds of Family employees in this economy. Maybe I know that this is just the beginning trickle of the impending flood of emotionally-charged amalgamated “messages” following the Supreme Court’s 5 – 4 decision regarding the right to political campaigning of the corporate personhood. Perhaps it’s just that I see the abject humor and the irony of uber-specimen, the perfect race if you will, Tim Tebow and his mother publicly celebrating what amounts to be maternal “choice”.

Today, I learned that CBS has been collaborating with Focus On The Family for months massaging the message that will go out to millions of Americans.  According to FOTF spokesperson, Gary Schneeberger, “We’ve worked with [CBS] almost since the beginning.” He continues, “Our senior vice presidents talked to CBS executives throughout the process. It was a very cordial, very professional, fruitful relationship.”  Fruitful?  When citing network standards and practices when rejecting the gay dating website,, did the central network labor with them to define and re-define their message and vet the dialogue?  Of course they didn’t, because that would be a “fruit” of a different color. I have been writing about CBS for months, and whether daytime or prime time, CBS network standards are a double standard.

Initially, I attributed the CBS/Tebow family ad as simply the continued prostitution of fixated Family values. Focus is getting off on it’s political agenda and desire to proselytize, CBS is pimping its stable of airtime, and the mother Tebow is the beck-and-call girl.  After today’s revelation that CBS is not only pimping out its corporate conscience, but shaping the message, it’s quite evident that the network has a vision with a very narrow aperture in regard to social issues.  It seems CBS has a commercial preference for anti-choice (with the exception of corporate choice), anti-gay (with the exception of Danica Patrick in the shower with another woman), and anti-women’s rights (with the exception of the right for women to bare arms, butt, and boobs).  Curious…the latest independent polls from Quinnpiac University and CBS News/New York Times show a greater than 50% favor among Americans in regard to a woman’s right to choose and same-sex rights.  I guess when it comes to our public airways, choice is in the corporate EYE of the beholder.