Bed Habits: ethnicity and bedtime behavior

bed prayer

I was reading an online article about sleep habits that reiterated common knowledge; we are a sleep deprived nation.  What did surprise me, though, is that a new survey suggests that how you sleep and what you do before you nod off, whether it’s watching late night TV, praying, or having sex, differs by ethnic group.  Who knew?  More than 1,000 individuals representing Caucasians, African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians (ages 25 to 60) were polled regarding their bedtime rituals.  The results from this survey, the first of its kind, are very interesting.

Seventy-five percent of African Americans reported watching television before going to bed, compared with 64% of whites.  Only 52% of Asians said they watched TV before bedtime, but more than half said they were more likely to use a computer or surf the Web before bed.

Ninety percent of Caucasians sleep with their spouse, a slightly higher rate than African-Americans.   For those of us who shack up or do not live in a certain five states or the District of Columbia, that goes for “partnered spouse” as well.   Compare that to 75% of Hispanics and two-thirds of Asians that say they do not sleep with their partner or spouse.   Hmmm…I wonder if they get more sleep.

Now the biggie…ten percent of African Americans and Hispanics reported having sex almost every night, compared with 4% of whites and 1% of Asians.  Now, the study indicates that African Americans were far more likely than other groups to pray before going to bed, and now I think we know what they are praying for!