Musing Episode 2.8 Anyone But Me, “Naming Things”

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What is in a name?  That which we call a friend by any other name would still be as sweet, right?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not if you are the aunt of a teenager who just informed you that the vintage cowboy comforter on your couch is really the broke back blanket of a little more than convivial girl on girl talk.

Yes, last night was my personally anticipated Vivian-comes-out-to-Aunt-Jodie episode of the web series, Anyone But Me.  For months, I have speculated the culmination of this event, and I have to say that I was not disappointed in the portrayal.  As a quasi-parental Polonius of sorts, Aunt Jodie’s humorous “when I was your age” musings are comic relief to weighty times.  Though humor is again used to cut the obvious tension of the reveal, this time the blade is brandished with a much more subtle edge.  At the forefront, Barbara Pitts delivers a believable, legitimate, and honest performance of hurt, embarrassment, and anger at the perceived lack of familial trust.

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The tragic reveal actually occurs as Vivian, in her exuberance to proclaim to Aster her long overdue profile in coming-out courage, admits that the impetus behind her bravery was not her girlfriend’s long-time pleas for truth and honesty, but seemingly-Sapphic Sophie’s recent ridicule of the hypocrisy beneath Viv’s own personal version of comic relief.  Hurt, embarrassment, and anger are the transparent building blocks of the invisible wall Aster is constructing.  Emotional, non-therapeutic graffiti is scrawled across the facade, “Relationships never last.”

Frailty, thy name is Vivster…

Bravo.  Bring on the next act.

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