Miley Goes Girl on Girl to Get Best of Both Worlds

Britains Got Talent Semi Final 4 Live on ITV1 copyright ITV Online

Remember when female celebrities typecast as a bit of a goodie-two-shoes did a spread in Playboy to change their image?  Well, in today’s world anyone with a cell phone camera and an internet connection have seen more of current young stars than what the once taboo pages of soft-core have to offer.  To get the necessary amount of shock factor and bad-girl backlash, there seems to be a growing commercial desire for starlets to kiss another girl.  Just as fellow Disney money-maker, Britney Spears, mouth danced with Madonna, Miley Cyrus choreographed for Britain’s Got Talent a little girl on girl with one of her dancers.  Britney, however, was more bad-ass before she was bald as she had the guts to actually go for it.  In comparison, Miley’s “air kiss” was a feeble attempt at pandering publicity. 

Oh, there have been others, but this is just the one that has made me yell today.  And really, who didn’t see this coming?  I called it way back during the Annie Leibovitz controversy.  Sitting at a table with my peers, I asked the question, “Seems like Hannah Montana is trying to change her image, how long do you think it will be before she kisses a girl?”  I will be collecting my wager winnings this weekend, and you know who you are.

I have to tell you, it’s just a little insulting.  You don’t see me trying to change who I am by jiggling in front of a Jonas and unscrupulously hocking lead-laden pink pop-idol plastic crap at WalMart.  Right?  I get the gay for pay.  I get the gay plays straight for pay.  It’s called acting, and it’s an art form.  What I don’t get is media seeking teenage moguls (and mature women who should know better) using for personal profit what so many of us would like to do in public, in earnest, but are afraid that we will get the shit kicked out of us.  That, bothers me.  Just perform, and let the shock factor be that you are talented and not just media savvy.