Episode 6 – The “Schmootz on” Eréndira Ibarra

Girl smiling

Last week I was lucky enough to engage in conversation with the lovely Eréndira Ibarra who portrays Mariana, half of the smoldering same-sex super-couple of Julia and Mariana on the telenovela, Las Aparicio. 

As you will hear, Erendira is extremely gracious to this uni-lingual, English-only, American blogger.  We chat about the Mexican soap opera, the truthful, yet controversial storyline of “Juliana”, and the extreme commitment of bilingual fans who take it upon themselves to subtitle the LGBT themed love story.

I blogged about the fact you should be watching, and now it’s verbalized.  This is no fairy tale, this is a soap opera, and there is plenty of drama.  There is no platitude of patronizing head bumping or finger caressing; there is honest passion…and a love triangle that is agonizingly frustrating.  But I can’t stop watching over and over again.

Click the heels. listen, and enjoy.  I know I did.

Las Aparicio will be coming in it’s entirety to Telemundo.com.  Until then, I have listed links to the YouTube channels with subtitles:  love2angel12nixawme, and scootgirl100