Opposition to DADT Implementation Just Weak Legs

James Amos

Ok, I would blame this lunacy on the historic eclipse tonight,  but these moon howlers have been at it for months…years!

Opponents of the newly repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy that required gays and lesbians to serve in mandated silence, are continuing to spew vitriol of eminent American casualties due to the distractions of implementing the repeal.  During the Senate debate before the historic vote, Mr. McCain, exemplifying a McCarthyism of the Charlie kind, parroted Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Amos’ assertion that openly gay service personnel will lead to Marines losing their legs.  What?  Must be battle fatigue, as the general should expect more from his trained service men and women.  After all, as a whole, soldiers, sailors, and airmen have been serving with gays and lesbians for decades.

Now, I have never been in armed battle, unless you count that ambush in a shit-kicker bar, but that’s another blog.  So I will just have to compare my personal civilian experiences of working with professional contemporaries in times of escalating stress.  I remember assisting in a few births in my younger years.  Never in those deliveries, and some were touch and go, do I remember the doctor or surgeon saying, “That’s it; close your legs up, honey, this lesbian is distracting me.”  Not once in testifying before a judge or panel has the presiding officer left the bench due to distraction because someone said my “proud to be a lesbian” undershirt is showing.  And I can’t ever remember, when negotiating punitive damages for environmental negligence, has the opposing side ever left my office in a fit of bewilderment over my NOH8 photo on the desk.   We are professionals; we do our jobs.  And so will the US military.

Touted as the most professional fighting force on the face of the planet, perhaps military leaders and aging politicians should take a cue from their own television commercials.  There’s Strong, and Then There’s Army Strong; America’s Few, the Proud, the Marines; and It’s Not Science Fiction, It’s What We Do Every Day (ok, that one’s a little cheesy, but you get my point).  I see no asterisks to indicate the exceptions of weakness while serving with the gay.

Oh, Mr. McCain, I wish you would have been more diligent in your concern for the legs (and minds) of our soldiers when you sent them off to combat in the first place.  War is hell, remember?  To trivialize our military’s professionalism just to make a political point borders on insubordination.  Just as in all historic changes to our military, the highly trained men and women of our armed forces will do their jobs, and they will stand tall.  So in your continued opposition to a done deal, and the others like you, I suggest you come armed with more to stand on…than your weak legs.