What’s on my Mind…

Inquiring minds have tweeted and emailed me wanting to know my whereabouts around the cyberhood.  I admit that I have been missing in so much recent action.  I have been busy of late with a project, separate from my writing, that has commanded most of my heart and much of my attention.  However, I realize that out of my site means out of your mind, so I want to take a second to touch on a few things that are on MY Mind…

I had earlier requests to live-tweet the SAG awards.  I find of late that I have grown weary of awards, but I have to admit, as a bit of a fashion addict, I turned on the red carpet pre-awards program to catch a glimpse of the gowns.  I quickly remembered why the mute button was invented.  After endless innuendo about another woman’s lips, the talking head from E! looks at Natalie Portman’s beautiful belly and says laughingly that she guesses Natalie likes guys.  Idiot, a mind IS a terrible thing to waste.  To Natalie’s credit, and her maternal state, she didn’t go all “V” on that girl’s gall.  Me, I would have jacked that mental midget mid-sentence and blamed it on the hormones.  What is wrong with these people?  Stick to the script, and don’t go off into uncharted cognitive territory without your GPS.  Otherwise, I can guarantee you will get lost.  Natalie Portman’s characterization of a same-sex (auto-sex) scene in the psycho-thriller, Black Swan, is the psychotic stepping off point of a mental spiral into an obsessive/compulsive chasm culminating in perfect madness.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the actress’ sexuality.  Why do we/the media do this?  Is it out of some sense of hope?  Possibly.  I’ve heard “family” pundits refer to celebrity coming-out confessions as one more step to wide and general acceptance.  I have a differing opinion, and perhaps my thoughts are another blog series entirely, but I believe if Jesus Christ came back tomorrow to announce He is in love with Adam’s ex, Steve, the State of Iowa legislature will still vote “yes” to shuck their recent gay marriage laws.

While the 24 hour news cycle is caught up in the Mubarak pyramid scheme, our own noun-verb-jobs majority in the House of Representatives tried chipping away at choice with House Bill #3.   Effective, bi-partisan blow-back convinced the sponsors of the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act  to remove the inflammatory word, “forceable”, when defining rape in reference to reproductive rights.  No matter your political ideology and your stance on a woman’s right to choose, all Americans should be concerned with the legal ramifications of a few conservative suits trying to narrow sexual violation to include the word “forceable”.  With the egregious error in wording removed, what is left is a redundancy of established federal law.  What does this bill accomplish that the Hyde Amendment and the Stupak-Pitts Amendment do not?  I seem to remember a recent GOP platform with a highly hammered plank regarding the economy.  Well, stupid, how does redefining rape and my right to privacy have to do with job creation?   For that matter, what do the House of Representatives’ interest in the Washington DC gay marriage law, public school vouchers in the District of Columbia, and a repeal of the repeal of DADT have to offer the coffers of the nation?  I’m at a loss.  Please, ask them.

In my entertainment thoughts, I have been watching SyFy Channel’s, Being Human.  Three square-peg, misfit members of the dead, the un-dead, and the “werey” are trying to fit with little friction into the round hole of a monster-phobic world.  It’s a little bit off-beat, a little bit sexy, and a little bit thought provoking…just how I like my science fiction…and my significant other.

The award-winning web series wonder twins are at it again.  Tina Cesa Ward and Susan Miller have activated, Bestsellers. Sponsored by SFN Group, Bestsellers is an internet chick-click that chronicles the life experiences of five very diverse women who meet regularly to discuss their individual views on a literary selection. With Miller’s keenly focused eye on humanity, it should come as no surprise that the women choose instead to dissect the plots of each others life.  Miller’s words and Ward’s direction opened up a recent round table dialogue of my own as friends and I discussed our favorites of this periodical pentumvirate, and as you guessed it, I am most fascinated with the sarcastically funny redhead with the self-professed great shoes.

Also, I have been asked my thoughts on Sarah Shahi’s new USA series, Fairly Legal.  My assessment, Fairly Legal is fairly entertaining.  The show follows the USA network’s template of successful programming, and it’s good filler for a lazy Sunday catching up OnDemand.  I’m jaded by the fact that I was such a fan of Sarah’s previous series, NBC’s Life, that was unfortunately put on life support due to the writer’s strike of 2007-2008.  Not just another cop or crime drama, Life had an undercurrent of emotional depth and quirky breadth rarely seen in today’s network entertainment.  Episode after episode, layer after layer, the rawness of character was exposed.  Don’t get me wrong, Sarah Shahi is a very talented actress, and definitely not too hard on the eyes, but what I’m saying is that for me, Fairly Legal definitely has a certain pulse…but not much Life.

So, I guess this was a bit of a drive by blogging, and for that I apologize.  I’ll be back just as soon as I can…keep sending in those requests.  I’m sure I will have more to say regarding my favorite corporate holiday coming up on the 14th.