Weiner Not a Hypocrite, Just a Stupid Dick


What did politicians learn from Dick Nixon?  It’s always the cover-up, never the crime.  Had Andrew Breitbart not been involved, I would have called bullshit on the Congressman’s explanation from day one.  As it was, I began to question on day two the “I can’t confirm or deny that the photo is me” comment.  What?  How would you not know if a picture was taken of your wanker in your underwear?!  Please, another person pissing down my leg and telling me it’s raining.  It’s piss, moron, and it stinks.

Can you tell I’m a little angry?  Hell yes.  Not because Anthony Weiner sent questionable photos over the internet to another adult; there is nothing illegal about that.  I emailed and instant messaged “art” photos of my partner and me to friends and family all over the country.  Big fucking deal.  I am angry that Representative Weiner was such a prick to try and cover it up in such a lame-ass way that gives that hack Breitbart his pseudo-credibility back and more distraction on the 24/7 news cycle.

Anthony Weiner is not a hypocrite, he’s just an idiot.  Have you seen his wife?

Huma Abedin

Unlike Senators Vitter, Craig, and Ensign; Representatives Foley, Souder, and Lee; and Governors Sanford and Schwarzenegger, Congressman Weiner never legislated against anyone’s civil rights, questioned my family values, or measured himself (no pun intended) against the morality of another.

Personally, I believe there is nothing that Anthony Weiner has done on the internet that discredits his work in Congress, but I am not a resident of the 9th District of the State of New York, so my opinion regarding his tenure doesn’t matter.  I will say, being stupid is not a crime, and if it is, perhaps we should be talking about Paul Revere.