McCain Emerges From Middle Earth

Politics is so bad in Washington DC, even I quit watching.  If I wanted to see a bunch of pandering, poor actors pretending to be potential bedfellows, I would tune-in to Rizzoli and Isles.

I turned off C-SPAN and CNN and was turned on by Sy-Fy (Warehouse 13) and web streaming.  I prefer the drama and childish bickering of Project Runway over that of the Beltway, because at least in Runway, something is sewn up at the end.  Over on So You Think You Can Dance, when you’re kicked in the teeth by a sidestep, you see it coming.  And on All My Children, I know for certain that the real Erica Kane has been kidnapped, locked away in an asylum, and replaced by an inadequate poser.  As for my President?  I have know idea.

I will admit, however, that just as a good same-sex soap storyline piques my once dormant interest, a rare moment of political clarity can capture my less than undivided attention.  Recently, in the fog of the debt ceiling uncivil war, there emerged from the soup a surprising, “mavericky” make-sense, lone voice.  Watch.

Now, frequent readers of this blog know that I tend to meander to the political Left, and I have been hard on John McCain from time to time.  At one point, I had a great deal of respect for the once moderate man, but now, I just can’t help but think of him as the one who turned the media spotlight on that small-headed, primitive pest from Alaska allowing it to scurry from its containment in the northern tier.

Well, I say, better late than never, Senator McCain.  And don’t you worry, better people than Eric Cantor have called you a troll…one of those is probably me.  Tea Baggers steeped in stupidity like Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell should be called out with bi-partisan support.  But just between you and me, had those half-wit Hobbits been better candidates, the Dems would have never kept the Senate.  Michele Bachmann, keep talking.

So, as our Republic goes back to the maturity level of summer camp color wars, I’m going back to my regularly scheduled programming.  Let me know if the 14th Amendment of the Constitution is invoked…I have a few things to say about that, too.

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