Don’t Mess With History – TX Gov Perry Correlates GOP Tax Struggles to Civil Rights Struggle

Reiterating without repose the sad commonality that corporations are people, Republican presidential frontrunner, Rick Perry (R-TX), compared the GOP fight for lower corporate taxes to the Civil Rights Movement.  I’m not making this up.  Yesterday, on the day the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial was opened in Washington, DC, Governor Perry was speaking to a group in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  Yes, South Carolina, where the first shots of successful southern succession were fired.  When asked if he cared to comment on the state’s place in Civil Rights history, Perry began to correlate the need of freedom from over-taxation, over-litigation, and over-regulation to the struggle of civil freedoms in our nation’s history.  Watch.

Well, yeah, now that you mention it, Governor, why should CEO billionaires be forced to sit in the back of the limo?  Where is the justice?!  Perhaps we could all get behind a new Corporate Civil Rights Act that will ban discrimination based on bank accounts.  Anyone?

Please, Governor, don’t mess with my intelligence.  To compare your fight to increase the wealth of your campaign donors to the struggle of African Americans in a 1960’s segregated South is a travesty.  How in the hell can you include in the same breath tax loopholes for millionaires, tort reform to protect millionaires, and lax oil and gas rules applied to billion dollar big oil to the beatings, burning, and bigotry of an entire race of human beings?

Governor Perry didn’t you learn anything about the Freedom Rides of 1961?  How about the Little Rock Nine?  The dogs and the water cannon in Birmingham, Alabama?  Surely you have heard of the Ku Klux Klan?  Perhaps you could name an important Supreme Court Decision…like Brown vs. Board of Education?

I guess we know now why the State of Texas is revising all the history text books.