The ‘Schmootz Is Serving It Up On Tumblr

Once again a friend has introduced me to something socially viral, but at least this time the consequences won’t require antibiotics.  Yes, the ‘Schmootz is now on Tumblr!  Not that I didn’t go kicking and screaming…ok, it was more like whining, but you get the picture.  But just like the genre of science fiction, once you try it out, your resistance is fracked.

The Mindschmootz Blog isn’t going anywhere as I still have too much to say about life, entertainment, and the body politic.  The Tumblr site is an addendum to include video content, both original and collected, and a few things that just make me happy or pique my curiosity.

So, try the ‘Schmootz Tumblr…drink it in.  It’s not Kool-aid I’m pouring, it’s just my quick thoughts on a topic, and I welcome your input and your discussion.