Romney’s Debate Night Rope-a-Dope Defies Theory of Evolution

I make no apologies that I am an advocate of President Obama.  I am a blogger, not a journalist, and I don’t have to maintain any semblance of neutrality or non-bias.  Progressives citing my writings as a non-partison policy source would be like right-wingers citing a Heritage Foundation report as a source on tax policy.  Oh, wait…

I do, however, like to facilitate a little active, intelligent discussion that stimulates reflective deduction.  I thought last night’s debate would provide that opportunity.  I don’t agree with my President in all areas of his administration’s foreign policy, such as the “kill list” targeting of expatriated US citizens without due process, so I felt an open forum discussion with readers of differing geopolitical views could be possible without a flurry of personal insults and flagrant un-friending.  Little did I know there would be so much agreement.

I am an avid player of trivial-pursuit politics, the online version, so I read quite a bit of the talking points coming out of both campaigns.  Without arming myself with the ammunition from both sides, I would be shooting conversational blanks when discussing the issues. (Yes, my NRA friends, I do know how to turn a gun phrase, and I’m a hell of a shot on the clay range.)  The thing about the information age is that everything a candidate says in public, and many times in private, is digitally chronicled for posterity.

Over the last four years that Mitt Romney has been running for president 2012, he’s been quite clear in his opposing opinion regarding the Obama administration’s handling of foreign affairs.  The President recounted the governor’s record quite nicely last night during the debate, but please, look them up for yourself.  You won’t have to dig deep.  In fact, Gov. Romney held fast to these views as recently as his heavily hyped and hawkish foreign policy speech just two weeks ago in Virginia.  You know, Virginia, the swing state where Portsmouth voters have manufactured and modernized ships long before 1917.

I tuned in last night in anticipation of a spirited debate of political ideologies and differing world views, and what I got was President Obama debating himself as Commander in Chief.  What was billed as something akin to the “thrilla in Manila” or the “rumble in the jungle”, was something closer to the “choka in Boca”.  Sweating like Nixon at a JFK debate, Romney covered up and danced around each Obama blow.

(Now, don’t tell me about Obama being aggressive and insulting in his response.  This is a Honey Boo Boo/Real Housewives of Jerry Springer world we live in now, not Downton Abbey.  For better or for worse, much worse I’d say, the good old days of cordiality and political respect have gone the way of horses and bayonets.)

Instead of landing punches of his own based on recent campaign bouts, Ronmey put himself in a somewhat safe, or as some Republicans have said, losing, position and applied what appeared to be an appeasing rope a dope for votes.   With two weeks left before the election, Gov. Romney, like Jell-o in a Tupperware mold, shaped his dissenting positions on Libya, Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan into the popular form of  peacemaker…a worldwide community organizer of sorts.  When Mika Brzezinski, of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, called Romney out on his eleventh hour transformation, Joe Scarborough asked his cohost if she didn’t believe in evolution.  Oh, so NOW the right wing believes in evolution?

Romney surrogates were quick to spin this reversal soldier of fortune as an attempt to reach those “freedom moms” or “peace moms” weary of war.  In explaining statements such as “We can’t kill our way out of this mess,” the campaign admitted to reaching out to women in an attempt to close, or at least slow, the increasing gender gap.  Well, as a member of that sought after sorority, let me take a moment to tell my fellow soccer sisters to get your heads out of those folding canvas chairs, with the convenient cup holder, and pay attention.  Romney surrounds himself with neo-cons, not the Kissingers and Scowcrofts of the kinder, gentler points of light, but the Cheneys, the Rumsfelds, and the Boltons of the dark, “ready, fire, aim” strategy of the two Bush wars.

Ladies, we are smart.  We know that a candidate who suddenly decries the importance of women in the Middle East, without committing to equal pay here in America, does not have our best interests at heart.  A candidate that suddenly implores the equal education opportunities for girls in Afghanistan, while critically cutting the education budgets here at home, doesn’t have our best interests at heart.  A candidate who suddenly believes a woman’s birth control shouldn’t be decided by her employer, while publicly committing to defunding Planned Parenthood and promising to end a woman’s right to determine her own health choices, doesn’t have our best interests at heart.

The science of true evolution denotes change that occurs at a glacial pace, not a two week turnaround, and certainly not overnight.  The same way a dinosaur didn’t become a bird in a matter of days, nor does a hawk become a dove.  Read between the talking points.  Gov. Romney is a businessman and doesn’t have a real foreign policy of his own.  All too willing to fill the obvious void, is the dubious doublespeak of his surrogates inserting terms such as “leadership” and “weakness” to the background cadence of the drums of war.

Mitt Romney suddenly wants the female electorate to believe he is a moderate, yet everything he has said until this point is far from it.  Just as he drifted far to the political right with “value voters” to win the Republican nomination, Gov. Romey is now swaying to the political center, with less than two weeks to go in the election, to win the compassionate vote of the suburban woman who polls significantly for President Obama.  This is not commitment, my fellow Americans, this is convenience.