Civil Unions Legal In Colorado

civil union license photo

History was made in Colorado today, and let’s hope it repeats itself.  At 3:30 PM MDT, Governor John Hickenlooper signed the state’s civil union bill into law.  I’m writing this short entry through a prism of tears, and how appropriate that the light is refracted through my eye as a rainbow on my screen.

Honestly, though I am always one to have hope, for without hope what is left but despair, I thought I might never see this day in my lifetime.  I can’t help but believe this is some small amount of justice for those loved ones who just couldn’t hang on.  I smile for you knowing that somehow you feel the comfort and the protection that I feel right now.

Change is in the air, and just as the aroma of rain wafts through this sun parched and drought-weary state, it smells so sweet.