Episode 14 – “The ‘Schmootz on The N & N Files’ Christina Cox and Liz Vassey”

I remember in 2004 when my entertainment crack dealer hooked me up with the news that a network pilot from UPN/WB was in the works about two New Orleans police detectives who not only work together by day, but play together by night.  Addicting?  Hardly, until I discovered the undercover work was was done by two females played by Christina Cox and Liz Vassey.  Yeah, I know.

Honestly, though I was very excited to hear that an American television network was courageous enough to make this statement of inclusiveness, I knew that the climate of George W. Bush’s second-term campaign was not warming socially. The threat of a constitutional amendment protecting “traditional” marriage was prominent in the 2004 State of the Union address.  Listen here:  DOM  Realistically, I couldn’t see this brave experiment going forward…and it didn’t.

Lucky for us, as part of Wikileaks (again, I know, but prove it) the pilot mysteriously appeared on YouTube and the rest is fanfic history. Here’s one of may favorite scenes:

Building on the momentum, creator Nancylee Myatt procured the characters and resurrected her original concept reminiscent of the light-hearted mystery/detective series of her past – Hart to Hart, Moonlighting, and recently, Castle – and is taking it to the web.

As we all know, raising a web series takes a village, so an Indiegogo fundraising campaign has been set up.   Go here and take a look at who is involved, season one’s expectations, and other ways you can help.  No contribution is too small, whether monetarily or in kind.

To get a better feel of the web series and a sample of the special chemistry it takes to pull off those bantering romantic private-eye leads historically seen in the Nick and Nora films of the 1930′s, Liz and Christina agreed to a conversation with me regarding The N & N Files.

Sit back, listen at your leisure, and you will hear why I am an advocate of this web series’ future.



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