Episode 16 – “The ‘Schmootz on Being Human Writer, Chris Dingess”

Chris Dingess Being Human

I have reached the point where I have to ask myself, why am I so drawn to entertainment that is dark and depraved yet decidedly humorous?  At any given moment I’m yelling at my television, “Oh my God!”, and then in the next moment guffawing, “Oh, my side.”  How do I justify these acts of murder and mayhem in a moral sense when applied to the dead, the undead, and the deadly?  My answer, it’s simply Being Human.

Being Human is the Syfy Channel series that although originated in the UK, has taken on an afterlife of its own here in the States.  Three very unlikely heroes, a vampire (Sam Witwer), a ghost (Meaghan Rath), and a werewolf (Sam Huntington), form a supernatural support group hell bent on protecting each other from a society dead set on exorcising them from its ranks.  Forced into this other world by no choice of their own, they are now forced to “live” out their new existence all the while desperately trying to fit in and be human…or as humanly possible as they can.

The series just completed its third, and in my opinion, best season with a finale that leaves each character in limbo.  No wait, limbo was the season two finale.  In any case, take my word for it that the season three end is an absolute killer.  As a result, I sought out one of the writing team to try and get a little insight into what makes Being Human so incredibly thought provoking and yet so darkly entertaining.  The embedded podcast is a record of my conversation with the very witty and charming, Chris Dingess.

Sit back, grab some popcorn or a nice bloody steak (or stake), and get ready to laugh, yes laugh.  Never has blood, black magic, and being uniquely un-human been quite this humorous.


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