What a Conn Job!

Yes, she’s at it again.  Film director, producer, and screenwriter, Nicole Conn, has made her mark in the industry with critically acclaimed films such as Claire of the MoonElena Undone, and A Perfect Ending.  Following on that previous success and a recent Entrepreneur On The Move award for best director , Nicole’s latest endeavor is to develop her 2001 novel within a novel, She Walks in Beauty.

She Walks in Beauty is an emotional, soul-baring tale set in two time periods a century apart.  Successful author and screenwriter, “Spencer Atwood”, finds she must hastily retreat from Los Angeles, not only in geography but in time, to reclaim a life that is both personally and professionally spiraling out of control.  Leaving behind a vortex of failure, betrayal, and the sexual hedonism that her insecurities breed, Spencer secludes herself in the remote, coastal accesses of the Pacific northwest and clears a cathartic path to personal freedom in the literary form of Cynara.  Transferring through characterization what Spencer herself cannot admit, this novel, set in the uninhibited creativity of 1920’s Paris, personifies in its heroine, “Byron Harrington”, the timeless effects of trauma on the human psyche and the perilous journey back from secrecy.

So, after hearing a bit about the book, I have to ask, are you ready for your close-up?  Yes, you, the one who has been waiting on a complex, layered character such as “Spencer”, “Byron”, or any of a number of others.  And you, the one shaking your head that you have no experience, but you have a dream.  Well, here’s your chance, either of you, all of you.  The creative team of She Walks in Beauty is treading new ground in offering a nationwide/international talent search in the vein of old-style, Hollywood tradition.  I’m talking a real talent search and not the modern day bastardization of making a sex tape and having your mother produce it.

Interested?  Intrigued?  In depth character synopses and casting information regarding this rich ensemble can be found on the She Walks in Beauty website here.  Go ahead, take a chance on beauty.  You’ll be glad you did.

For those of you in the UK, you’re in luck.  I’m told an iConn (catchy, right?) convention will be held in Brighton, January 10-12, 2014.  Find out the details of meeting Nicole, Barbara Niven & Mary Wells (who I still firmly believe need a buddy movie), and other special guests here.