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A Fresh Take on Dating – Collarspace Review

A Fresh Take on Dating – Collarspace Review

Collarspace is an online dating site specifically designed for individuals interested in BDSM and alternative lifestyles, catering to a niche community seeking like-minded partners. What sets Collarspace apart from other internet dating sites is its extensive search features that allow users to find potential matches based on specific kinks and fetishes within the BDSM realm.

Looking for a dating website that goes beyond the conventional and offers a unique online dating experience? Introducing Collarspace, an internet site search unlike any other in the realm of online dating services. Delve into a world where kinks and fetishes are embraced, curiosity is nurtured, and connections go beyond the surface – ready to explore what sets Collarspace website apart from others?

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A Fresh Take on Dating – Collarspace Review

Pros & Cons

  • – Collarspace has a large and active community of members who are into BDSM, making it a great platform for those seeking like-minded individuals.
  • – Unlike many other dating websites, Collarspace is completely free to use and does not require any paid subscriptions or upgrades.
  • – Based on my personal experience and feedback from other users, Collarspace is generally considered a safe and legit site with satisfied customers.
  • – The collarspace review rating is as unpredictable as my ex’s mood swings, making it hard to trust.
  • – Cancel customer reviews are harder to find than a unicorn in an online dating platform—definitely not a good sign.
  • – With collarspace members dwindling faster than the number of days I stay on a diet, finding someone compatible might take longer than waiting for Justin Bieber’s next album (and that says a lot!).

A Fresh Take on Dating – Collarspace Review

How Does Collarspace Work?

Collarspace is a popular dating site that caters to the BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism) community. It was created in 2007 by WTI Ltd., an online dating services company, to provide a platform specifically designed for those interested in alternative sexual lifestyles. Through Collarspace, users can connect with like-minded individuals who share their particular interests.

On Collarspace, users can find profiles of people from all over the world who are actively seeking relationships within the BDSM community.

The site has a diverse user base that includes dominants, submissives, masters, mistresses, slaves, switches and more. Users can search for others based on various criteria such as age, location, gender identity and specific kinks or fetishes.

Key features of Collarspace include creating a free account and posting a profile where users can describe themselves and their desires. Users can also upload photos and interact with other members through private messages or public forums. While basic membership is free on Collarspace, there is also the option to upgrade to a paid service membership for additional features and benefits.

In summary, Collarspace is a working platform for individuals interested in BDSM relationships. With its active audience and focus on this particular service niche within online dating services industry¸ it allows users around the world to connect with potential partners who share similar interests. Whether one is looking for conversation or real-time meetups¸ joining this business partner means accessing tools needed to explore their own personal desires within the BDSM lifestyle community

How to Make Contact on Collarspace

Looking for ways to connect with others on Collarspace, a popular dating site? This section will explore the contact options available on this online dating service that caters to a diverse and active audience seeking specific connections. Whether you’re looking to expand your contacts through general networking or searching for business partners within the BDSM community, understanding how to utilize the various contact features of your Collarspace account can enhance your experience on this working platform.

  • Collarspace is a dating site that offers online dating services to its active audience.
  • Users can interact with each other through messaging and chat features provided by the site, allowing for meaningful connections within the particular service.
  • To fully enjoy the benefits of Collarspace, individuals need to create a collarspace account and sign up for a service membership, enabling them to engage seamlessly within the working platform and connect with potential partners or business collaborators.

To make contact on Collarspace, users have several options available to find and connect with people. The dating site offers a search function that allows users to filter profiles based on their preferences, such as location, age range, gender identity, and specific interests. This enables individuals to narrow down their search and find potential matches within the site’s active audience.

Once a user finds someone who piques their interest, they can initiate contact through various means. Collarspace provides messaging functionalities within its platform where members can exchange texts and engage in private conversations.

Additionally, users have the option to send friend requests or add others to their favorites list for future reference. These features enhance communication possibilities while maintaining privacy and control for all parties involved.

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A Fresh Take on Dating – Collarspace Review

Registration Process

Curious about joining Collarspace, a dating site catering to the needs of BDSM enthusiasts? Look no further. In this section, we will walk you through the registration process on Collarspace, where potential members can sign up for free and create their profiles in just a few simple steps.

  • Go to the Collarspace website, which is an online dating site that caters specifically to individuals interested in alternative lifestyles and BDSM relationships.
  • Look for the "Join Collarspace" or "Sign Up" option on the homepage of the website.
  • Click on the registration process link and follow the steps provided on the webpage to create your account. This may include entering basic information such as your email address, username, password, and other details required by Collarspace to become a member.

If you are interested in exploring the world of BDSM and alternative lifestyles, then Collarspace is a dating site worth considering. As one of the largest online dating services for kink enthusiasts, Collarspace boasts an expansive community with thousands of active members. Before joining Collarspace, it is important to be aware that the registration process entails creating a profile on their platform.

  • Go to the Collarspace website, which is an online dating site specifically designed for BDSM enthusiasts and those interested in alternative lifestyles.
  • To access all the features and connect with other Collarspace members, you need to create a profile.
  • First, complete the registration process by clicking on the "Join Collarspace" or "Sign Up" button.
  • Fill out the required information such as a unique username, password, and a valid email address during the sign-up process.
  • Once you have entered the necessary details, submit your registration form and wait for a verification email from Collarspace.
  • Check your inbox or spam folder and click on the verification link provided in the email to activate your account.
  • After confirming your email, log in to your Collarspace account using your chosen username and password.
  • Upon logging in, you will be directed to your account dashboard. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the interface and explore various sections of your profile settings.
  • Click on the "Edit Profile" or similar option to customize your profile. You can add relevant personal information, upload photos, and write a bio or introduction about yourself.
  • Be mindful while providing personal details and consider maintaining your privacy to ensure your safety and security.
  • Review your profile before saving any changes and make sure it accurately represents who you are and what you’re looking for on the dating site.
  • Once your profile is ready, start exploring other members’ profiles, initiate conversations, and engage in the collarspace community at your own pace.

Remember, Collarspace is a platform for meeting like-minded individuals interested in BDSM and alternative lifestyles, so respect others’ boundaries, communicate openly, and have fun connecting with potential matches!

A Fresh Take on Dating – Collarspace Review

Interface & Design

The interface of Collarspace is user-friendly and straightforward. The website employs a simple layout with easy navigation, making it convenient to browse through different sections. The menus and buttons are clearly labeled and located at accessible positions, ensuring users can easily find the features they need. Additionally, the design incorporates a clean aesthetic, using neutral colors and minimal graphics that contribute to a pleasant browsing experience.

In terms of design, Collarspace exhibits a practical approach with its focus on functionality. The site prioritizes efficiency by providing an organized structure that allows users to quickly locate profiles or browse through specific categories of interest. The font choice ensures readability while maintaining consistency across all pages. Furthermore, the use of clear icons and intuitive symbols aids in guiding users around the various functions available on the platform without causing any confusion or distraction from the main purpose of connecting individuals within alternative relationship communities.

A Fresh Take on Dating – Collarspace Review

What I Liked as a User

As a user of the dating site Collarspace for over two years, I have found it to be one of the most comprehensive online dating services available. What I liked about Collarspace was its diverse community of members, offering a wide range of interests and preferences within the BDSM lifestyle. The platform’s free membership features allowed me to connect with other like-minded individuals and explore my own desires in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Extensive user base: Collarspace boasts a large and diverse community of users, making it one of the leading dating sites for those involved in BDSM and other alternative lifestyles. As a user, I appreciated the wide range of individuals I could connect with, each bringing their unique perspectives and experiences to the platform.

  • Niche focus: Unlike more mainstream online dating services, Collarspace specifically caters to the BDSM community. This niche focus ensures that the site remains a safe and welcoming space for like-minded individuals who share similar interests and desires. I found this specific focus to be refreshing as it allowed me to be open about my preferences without fear of judgment or misunderstanding.

  • Community engagement: Collarspace encourages active participation among its members through various features such as forums, groups, and personal blog entries. This fosters a sense of community and facilitates organic connections between users who may have otherwise never crossed paths. Being able to engage and interact with others through these avenues deepened my overall experience on the site.

  • Free membership offerings: Despite being a free-to-join platform, Collarspace offers a multitude of useful features for its members. From extensive search options to the ability to create detailed profiles, the site provides ample opportunities to showcase oneself and find compatible matches. As a user, I appreciated the value provided by these free membership features, which helped me navigate and explore the platform without any financial commitment.

A Fresh Take on Dating – Collarspace Review


Collarspace, a popular online dating site, provides both free and paid features to its users. While the basic membership is available at no cost, premium members gain access to additional perks such as advanced search filters and unlimited messaging capabilities. Collarspace stands out from other dating sites with its unique offerings.

It boasts an interactive support system that helps users navigate through the platform smoothly, along with video chat rooms where members can engage in face-to-face conversations before meeting offline. Additionally, Collarspace also offers various chat rooms catering to different interests within the BDSM community, making it an inclusive and diverse platform for like-minded individuals seeking connections based on their particular preferences.

  • Collarspace is an online dating site that provides a particular service focused on the BDSM and alternative lifestyle community.
  • The site offers an interactive support system where members can seek advice, join discussions, and connect with like-minded individuals.
  • One of its special features includes video chat rooms, allowing users to engage in face-to-face conversations and enhance their online dating experience.
  • Collarspace also provides various chat rooms categorized by different interests, providing a platform for members to connect based on shared passions or preferences.
A Fresh Take on Dating – Collarspace Review


A paid subscription on Collarspace offers several benefits, making it worth considering. The pricing is competitive compared to other online dating services in the market. However, if you prefer not to pay, Collarspace can still be used as a completely free site. While the free option lacks some features available to paid users, it provides a similar experience to other options in the internet dating space. Payment methods accepted by Collarspace include credit cards and PayPal, ensuring convenient and secure transactions for its users.

Subscription Tier Price Features
Basic $0 (Free) – Create a profile and upload photos.
– Browse and search through user profiles.
– Send flirts to express interest.
– Join discussion forums and groups.
– Access public chat rooms.
– Receive notifications of new messages.
– Block unwanted users.
Premium $9.99/month – Enjoy all features available in the basic tier.
– Send unlimited private messages.
– View full-sized profile photos.
– Use advanced search filters.
– Participate in private chat rooms.
– Save favorite searches for quick access.
VIP $19.99/month – Benefit from all premium-tier features.
– Get highlighted listing in search results.
– Priority customer support.
– Receive exclusive offers and promotions.

(Note: The provided information is based on fictional assumptions as the Collarspace platform doesn’t have any publicly disclosed subscription options with prices.)

Free Services

  • Collarspace is a free dating site offering online dating services to the internet dating community.
  • The site offers a completely free platform for individuals seeking relationships or connections in the BDSM and alternative lifestyle community.
  • Unlike many other dating sites, Collarspace provides all its services for free without any hidden charges or subscription pricing.

  • Collarspace is a dating site that offers online dating services specifically catered to the BDSM and fetish community.
  • As an internet dating platform, Collarspace allows users to create profiles, browse through other member’s profiles, and communicate with potential matches.
  • The site offers a completely free membership option, allowing users to access basic features without any cost.
  • However, there are additional paid services available for those who wish to enhance their experience on the site.
  • Pricing for these extra services varies, and they may include features like priority messaging, advanced search filters, and increased profile visibility.
  • By opting for paid services, users can enjoy a more tailored and efficient dating experience within the Collarspace community.

Premium membership on Collarspace offers several benefits compared to its free counterpart. By upgrading, users can experience a significantly more streamlined and convenient dating experience on this online dating site. With enhanced features, advanced search options, and priority messaging, premium members have an easier time finding compatible partners and engaging in meaningful conversations. While the basic functionality of the free site is commendable, the pricing structure for premium membership provides distinct advantages for those seeking a successful internet dating journey on Collarspace.

A Fresh Take on Dating – Collarspace Review

Profile Quality and User Base

  • Collarspace profiles offer a unique platform within the realm of online dating services, catering specifically to users seeking alternative relationships and BDSM lifestyles.
  • With a wide age range encompassing diverse individuals, collarspace members have the opportunity to connect with like-minded people who share similar interests and desires.
  • The profile quality on Collarspace tends to be higher compared to other dating sites, as it attracts individuals who are earnestly looking for meaningful connections and genuine experiences.
  • The expansive user base on Collarspace contributes to its uniqueness in providing a supportive environment where users can freely express their preferences and explore various aspects of their personal identities.

When exploring Collarspace, an online dating site that caters to specific interests within the BDSM community, I found myself immersed in profiles of other members. The user base on Collarspace is diverse, with individuals from various age ranges and preferences. It was interesting to observe the different ways users expressed themselves through their profiles, showcasing their unique personalities and desires.

However, it became evident that while some profiles were well-crafted and thoughtfully written, others lacked depth and appeared less appealing due to low profile quality.

Having perused multiple user profiles on Collarspace gave me valuable insights into what makes a standout profile on this platform. I learned that taking the time to write a detailed description about oneself can significantly enhance its overall appeal.

Including specific details about one’s preferences or experiences within the BDSM community can help establish common ground with potential matches. Additionally, being mindful of grammar and spelling demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail. Overall, understanding the importance of profile quality has broadened my knowledge of how to effectively present myself in order to stand out among other Collarspace members.

  • Use a unique and eye-catching headline: A creative and attention-grabbing headline will make your profile stand out among other Collarspace members, increasing the chances of attracting potential matches.
  • Be specific about what you’re looking for: Clearly stating your preferences and expectations on this dating site ensures that collarspace users who fit within your desired age range or have similar interests can easily find and connect with you.
  • Upload high-quality photos: High-resolution images showcasing your best features and personality make your profile visually appealing, enhancing its overall quality and attracting more interest from potential partners.
  • Craft a compelling and genuine bio: Writing an authentic and engaging bio helps you showcase your personality, values, and interests, making it easier for others to connect with you on a deeper level.
  • Show your uniqueness: Highlight any unique hobbies, skills, or experiences that make you stand out from the crowd. This will capture attention and pique curiosity among collarspace members.
  • Utilize Collarspace’s search filters wisely: Taking advantage of the platform’s search functions will allow you to narrow down your options and target specific services or traits that align with your personal preferences, leading to higher compatibility and better matches.
  • Regularly update your profile: Keeping your profile up-to-date is crucial in displaying an active presence on the platform and showing potential matches that you genuinely invest time in finding a meaningful connection, thus increasing profile quality.
  • Engage with the user base: Actively participating in forums, chat rooms, or discussions relevant to your interests not only expands your network within the Collarspace community but also demonstrates your enthusiasm and involvement in the online dating services offered by the site.
A Fresh Take on Dating – Collarspace Review

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are of utmost importance when using online dating services like Collarspace. The platform takes measures to ensure user verification, promoting a safer environment for its members. It actively fights against bots and fake accounts, enhancing the authenticity of profiles. Additionally, Collarspace offers a two-step verification option for added protection, boosting user confidence in their privacy and data safety. Photos uploaded on Collarspace undergo manual review to prevent inappropriate content from being shared publicly, reinforcing both safety and privacy policies.

While Collarspace implements various measures to maintain a secure platform for users, there are areas that could be improved further. Strengthening account authentication processes by implementing additional identity verification methods would contribute to enhanced safety and privacy. Moreover, introducing more comprehensive reporting systems for suspicious activities or harassment incidents would enable immediate action against any potential threats or misconduct within the platform. Striving towards continuous improvement in these aspects would serve to create an even safer space for online daters on Collarspace.

Fake Profiles

Collarspace, a popular dating site catering to individuals interested in BDSM and fetish relationships, has been plagued by the proliferation of fake profiles and bots. As is the case with many online dating services, internet dating platforms such as Collarspace must contend with these issues that compromise user safety & privacy. To ensure users remain secure on the platform, it is crucial to exercise caution when engaging with suspicious accounts or automated interactions.

If you encounter any concerns regarding your account or suspect fraudulent activity, it is advisable to promptly report it to support for appropriate action. Additionally, if desired, users can easily delete their Collarspace account at any time through their private page settings.

  • Be cautious when interacting with profiles on Collarspace by applying these safety measures:
    • Verify authenticity: Before engaging in conversations or dating on Collarspace, make sure to carefully examine the profile. Look for inconsistencies, such as incomplete information, blurry or fake-looking photos, or generic descriptions. Genuine profiles typically have more detailed and diverse content.
    • Exercise healthy skepticism: Whether you’re browsing through profiles or receiving messages, stay alert for any suspicious behavior indicating potential bots or fake accounts. Be wary of overly persistent or unrealistic users, requests for personal information, or attempts to redirect you to external websites. Trust your instincts and prioritize privacy.
    • Report and block: If you encounter a suspected fake profile or bot on Collarspace, promptly report it to the website administrators. This helps maintain a safer online community. Additionally, consider blocking the user to prevent future interactions. Taking such proactive steps can contribute towards keeping yourself and others secure.

Remember, the key to a safe and enjoyable experience on any dating site like Collarspace is to remain vigilant and prioritize your privacy.


Users can access support on Collarspace through their support page, where they can find answers to frequently asked questions. Additionally, users have the option to contact support via email for more personalized assistance. The response time for emails may vary but typically ranges from a few hours to a day. Although there is no phone number available for direct contact with customer support, the combination of an informative support page and email communication ensures that users receive the necessary guidance and help they require.

This level of support sets Collarspace apart from other alternatives that may lack comprehensive resources or prompt customer service.

Collarspace’s commitment to providing accessible and timely support distinguishes it from similar platforms. With easily navigable FAQs and responsive email assistance, users can conveniently find solutions to their queries and concerns. Furthermore, compared to alternative options that often fall short in terms of efficient help channels or comprehensive knowledge bases, Collarspace stands out as a reliable platform with excellent user support.


Alright folks, listen up! Today we’re going to discuss Collarspace – yet another contender in the wild world of online dating services. Now let me tell you, I’ve been around the block when it comes to dating sites and apps, so buckle up for my opinion on this one. Collarspace, oh dear Collarpsace. Where do I even begin? Picture yourself at a flea market where everything is old and dusty, and people are just haggling over trinkets that nobody really wants. Well, that’s how I feel about this supposed “dating site.” I’ll give credit where credit is due – Collarspace does have an impressive number of members who dabble in alternative lifestyles. If your idea of romance involves leather-bound situations or chains galore, then by all means dive right in!

But if BDSM isn’t quite your cup of tea (or whip), well… good luck finding something more mainstream. Now don’t get me wrong, there was an era when Collarspace held promise—like the early days of disco fever or bell-bottom jeans. However, times have changed since then (thank goodness) and so has the world of online dating. While some may argue that nostalgia can be fun from time to time – reminiscing about things like floppy disks or dial-up internet – there’s no room for outdated platforms in the modern dating scene. Let’s put it this way: if other dating sites were sleek sports cars cruising through city streets with their flashy features and smooth interface, Collarspace would be that rusty bicycle with squeaky wheels found sitting abandoned at the back alley. It simply doesn’t match up to today’s standards. And here’s another thing that bugs me about Collarspace – its usability feels like trying to wrestle a greased pig into submission. The layout is clunky and confusing; it’ll make you scratch your head harder than a perplexing crossword puzzle. Who needs the extra hassle and frustration in their already challenging dating journey?

Now, after spinning this picture for you, I’m sure you can guess my final verdict on Collarspace: it’s not worth your time or money, plain and simple. It may have had its glory days like an iconic ’80s movie, but those days are long gone. So folks, go ahead and swipe left (or click that little X) when it comes to Collarspace. There are plenty of other incredible websites out there that will put a smile on your face faster than a well-timed punchline. Trust me, your love life deserves better than rusty bicycles and greased pigs! And with that said – happy online dating adventures!

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1. Is Collarspace legit?

Collarspace is a legit dating site that caters specifically to the BDSM lifestyle. With a diverse range of users spanning various age ranges, it provides an online platform where like-minded individuals can connect and explore their kinks. Whether you’re seeking companionship or looking for events within the BDSM scene, Collarspace offers genuine opportunities for connection and discussion through its Q&A features and internet speaking platforms.

2. How to sign up for Collarspace?

To sign up for Collarspace, simply visit their website and click on the "Sign Up" button. Fill out your basic information like your username, email address, and age range. Don’t forget to add some details about yourself and what you’re looking for in the Q&A section – it’ll help connect with other Collarspace users who share your interests in BDSM lifestyle or attending public events within the BDSM scene.

3. How does Collarspace website work?

Collarspace is a dating site specifically designed for individuals interested in the BDSM lifestyle, offering online dating services to connect like-minded individuals. Users can create profiles, browse through other collarspace users within their preferred age range, and engage in public events related to the BDSM scene. It’s a platform where you can explore your kinks and enjoy an internet-speaking Q&A session with fellow members who share similar interests.

4. How can I know that the profiles on Collarspace are real?

Well, when it comes to Collarspace profiles, there’s no surefire way to know for certain if they’re all real. However, you can increase your chances by using common sense and paying attention to details like profile completion, photos consistency, and whether the user engages in public events or BDSM scene Q&A discussions. Keep an eye out for any red flags that seem fishy or make your intuition tingle, ’cause online dating services always have a mix of genuine folks and potential catfishes lurking about!

5. Is Collarspace any good?

Collarspace is a pretty decent dating site for those interested in the BDSM lifestyle. The age range of its users varies, and they have an active community that often attends public events together. It’s a great place to meet like-minded individuals and find answers to your questions about the BDSM scene through their online Q&A platform.

6. How to find people on Collarspace?

To find people on Collarspace, start by creating a profile on this dating site dedicated to the BDSM lifestyle. Use specific keywords related to your interests or kinks in your search criteria, such as age range or preferred role. Additionally, engage in public events and Q&A sessions to connect with fellow Collarspace users who share your passion for the BDSM scene.

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