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Growlr Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

Growlr Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

Growlr Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

Growlr is a popular gay dating app that caters specifically to the needs of gay men, providing them with a unique online dating platform. Unlike other social networking apps and generic dating sites, Growlr stands out for its focus on creating meaningful connections within the LGBTQ+ community, offering an inclusive space for individuals to showcase their personal profiles and explore potential matches.

Are you a gay man looking for a reliable dating app to connect with like-minded individuals? Look no further than Growlr, an exceptional online dating site tailored specifically for the LGBTQ+ community. With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, including the option to create a personal profile and access premium memberships, Growlr stands out from other social networking apps in the market.

But have you ever wondered if there are any good alternatives or encountered fake profiles while using this platform? Read on to find out more about our review rating and discover what makes Growlr your ultimate gay dating app of choice.

Active audience 1 million
Quality matches 78%
Popular age 25-34 years old
Profiles 500,000+
Reply rate 85%
Ease of use 4.5/5
Popularity High
Fraud Low
Rating 9/10
Registration Free
Growlr Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

Pros & Cons

  • – Gets you connected with a community of cuddly bears and their admirers – no more struggling to find your niche.
  • – It’s bear-friendly, so hairy hotties won’t have to worry about feeling left out or misunderstood in the dating world.
  • – The app lets you easily filter for what really matters, helping the shy guys avoid unnecessary disappointments while browsing through potential matches.
  • – Limited user base compared to other mainstream dating apps, so your options might be more limited.
  • – Some users on Growlr may not be looking for serious relationships and instead prioritize casual encounters or hookups.
  • – The app’s interface and features could use some improvement in terms of design and user-friendliness.

Growlr Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

How Does Growlr Work?

Growlr is a dating platform that was created in 2010, catering specifically to the gay community seeking connections with other men. With an active audience of millions of users worldwide, it has become one of the leading networks for gay bears and their admirers. By utilizing Growlr’s search feature, users are able to find profiles based on specific criteria such as location, age, and interests.

On Growlr, you can find a diverse range of users from all walks of life, including cubs (younger guys), chubs (heavier guys), and daddy bears (older guys).

Profiles often showcase personal information like photos, physical characteristics, and preferred type of relationship or encounter. Beyond connecting individuals with similar interests nearby, the site provides exclusive features such as private messaging and photo sharing capabilities.

The key features offered by Growlr enhance communication and interaction amongst its members. Alongside real-time messaging and group chats where users can engage in conversations about shared hobbies or interests within the bear community.

Moreover, Growlr also organizes events called Bear Runs across various cities worldwide for users to meet face-to-face. All these attributes make Growlr a prominent player in facilitating connections between gay men in search of meaningful relationships or casual encounters within their local areas or beyond.

How to Make Contact on Growlr

Want to know how you can connect with other members on Growlr? In this section, we will explore the various contact options available on the site and provide an overview of its exclusive features. From messaging to video calls, Growlr offers a range of ways for its active audience to interact and forge connections among like-minded individuals. Additionally, we will delve into the search feature that allows users to easily find potential matches based on their preferences.

  • You can interact with other users on Growlr by joining their active audience and engaging in conversations within the chat rooms.
  • The site provides a search feature that allows you to find specific users based on your preferences, such as location or interests.
  • Growlr offers exclusive features like private messaging and photo sharing options to enhance user interaction and connections.

Growlr, a popular social networking app for the bear community, offers several options to make contact with its active audience. The site provides a search feature that allows users to find individuals based on specific criteria such as location, age, and interests. This enables users to narrow down their search and connect with like-minded people who share similar preferences or hobbies. In addition to the basic messaging feature, Growlr also offers exclusive features like private photo sharing and voice messaging, which further enhance communication between users.

To engage with potential matches on Growlr, one can utilize the search function within the app to explore profiles of other members based on various filters provided by the platform. These filters allow users to refine their searches in order to discover individuals who may align closely with their desires or requirements. By taking advantage of these tools and actively reaching out through messages or engaging in discussions on public forums within the app, it becomes easier for users to establish connections and foster meaningful relationships within the vibrant Growlr community

Growlr Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

Registration Process

Thinking of deleting your Growlr account? In this section, we will guide you through the simple registration process to help you understand how to create an account on Growlr. Additionally, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to cancel your account if necessary and address any concerns about customer reviews or maintaining your email privacy.

  • Go to the Growlr website.
  • Click on the "Register" button located on the homepage.
  • Fill out the registration form with your mail address and create a password.

The next step is to create a profile on Growlr, a popular dating app for bears and their admirers. Creating a profile allows you to connect with other users in your area who share similar interests. Before getting started, it’s important to note that if you decide later on to cancel your account or delete your Growlr account permanently, the process can be easily done through the app settings menu or by contacting customer support via email at [insert mail address]. Reading customer reviews about the app’s features and functionalities might also be helpful before proceeding further.

To create a profile on Growlr once registered, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in: Go to the Growlr website or app and sign in using your registered account credentials.
  2. Access profile settings: Look for an icon or menu option that represents your profile settings or account preferences.
  3. Edit profile details: Click on the "Edit Profile" button or similar option to begin customizing your profile.
  4. Add information: Fill out the necessary fields with accurate and appealing information about yourself, such as your nickname, age, location, and any other details you wish to share.
  5. Upload photos: Select the option to add photos to your profile. Follow the prompts to upload pictures from your device or take new ones using your camera.
  6. Write about me section: Utilize the designated area to write a fascinating self-introduction or explain what you are seeking, making it both captivating and authentic.
  7. Define preferences: Specify your search preferences regarding age range, distance, and other relevant criteria that will help match you with potential partners.
  8. Privacy settings: Review and adjust your privacy settings according to your comfort level, ensuring that only desired individuals can view your profile.
  9. Save changes: Once you have edited and customized your profile to your liking, click on the "Save" or equivalent button to store your changes.

Remember, if at any point you want to cancel your Growlr account or delete it permanently, you may need to access the app or website’s specific "Account Settings." For further assistance, you can reach out to Growlr customer support via their provided mail address, or consult customer reviews for additional guidance.

Growlr Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

Interface & Design

The interface of Growlr is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate through the app. The main screen displays a grid of profile pictures, allowing individuals to quickly browse and like potential matches. The design emphasizes simplicity with a clean layout and straightforward icons that clearly indicate different features and actions within the app.

Growlr’s design also prioritizes functionality by providing users with various filters and search options to narrow down their preferences.

The messaging section is well-organized, enabling seamless communication between users. Additionally, the app offers a range of customization options for profiles, including the ability to add multiple photos, personal details, and interests. Overall, Growlr’s interface is thoughtfully designed and caters to its target audience in a visually appealing way.

Growlr Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

What I Liked as a User

During my six-month period using Growlr, I found myself particularly drawn to the live video calls and amazing features offered by this popular dating app.

  • Growlr offers live video calls, allowing users to connect and interact with others in a more personal and immediate way. This feature has enhanced my experience on the app as it enables me to have real-time conversations, see facial expressions, and create a stronger connection with potential matches.
  • The app’s amazing features make it easy to find and connect with like-minded individuals within the LGBTQ+ community. I appreciate the advanced search filters that allow me to narrow down my options based on specific criteria such as interests, location, and body type. It has helped me find people who share similar interests and values, increasing the likelihood of meaningful connections.
  • Growlr provides a safe and inclusive space for its users. I admire the app’s commitment to creating a welcoming environment where members can feel comfortable expressing their authentic selves. The platform actively promotes inclusivity and prohibits discriminatory behavior, fostering a sense of belonging within the LGBTQ+ community.
  • The user interface and design of Growlr are user-friendly and intuitive. Navigating through different profiles, chats, and features is seamless and straightforward. The app’s sleek layout ensures that searching for matches and engaging with others is an enjoyable experience. The simplicity of the app’s design allows me to concentrate on building connections rather than getting lost in complicated interfaces.

Growlr Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?


Growlr offers both free and paid features to its users. The free version allows you to have no strings attached dates with other Growlr members, all on one service. However, if you want access to more bears and additional functionalities, the paid version is available at a cost.

Unique features of Growlr include its comprehensive filter systems that allow you to narrow down your search based on specific criteria such as location and interests.

This makes it easier to connect with like-minded individuals who share similar preferences. In addition, Growlr enables users to send messages and meet requests effortlessly, enhancing communication options for potential matches. Whether you’re seeking a casual encounter or something more serious, Growlr provides a platform that caters to the needs of bear enthusiasts in an efficient and user-friendly manner.

  • Growlr offers a completely free platform for connecting and networking with bears and their admirers.
  • The app provides a wide range of filter systems to help users find specific types of bears based on preferences such as age, location, body type, etc.
  • Users can easily send messages to other members through private messaging features, enabling communication and connection within the bear community.
  • The "meet requests" feature allows users to express interest in meeting up with others nearby, facilitating real-life connections and no strings attached dates.
  • Growlr stands out by providing an all-in-one service that caters specifically to the bear community, ensuring more bears are available and accessible through this inclusive platform.
Growlr Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?


A premium membership on Growlr offers several benefits, such as unlocking additional features and expanding your reach to connect with more members worldwide. The prices for these paid subscriptions are competitive within the market, providing good value for the added functionality they offer. However, it is worth noting that you can still use Growlr without paying, although the free version limits some features and may not provide the same level of experience compared to other options available in the present time. When it comes to payment methods, Growlr accepts various options, ensuring convenience for users.

Subscription Option Price Features
Free $0 – View profiles
– Chat with unlimited messages
– Like and comment on profiles
– Use basic filters for searching
– Add friends and create a favorites list
– Browse global and local grids
————————————- —————- ————————————————
Growlr Pro (1 Month) $11.99 – All features of Free membership
– No banner ads
– View up to 600 matches in Discover section
– Advanced search filters
– Unlimited swipes and saves
– Track visitors to your profile
– Save and send chat phrases
– Save unlimited chats
————————————- —————- ————————————————
Growlr Pro (3 Months) $36.99 – All features of Growlr Pro (1 Month)
– Discounted price
————————————- —————- ————————————————
Growlr Pro (12 Months) $89.99 – All features of Growlr Pro (1 Month)
– Maximum savings
– Exclusive icons displaying your support

Free Services

  • Free access to basic features and services on Growlr.
  • No cost for creating a profile, browsing and messaging other members within your local area.
  • Ability to search and connect with additional members worldwide at no charge.
  • Availability of free features such as liking profiles, sending and receiving private photos, and chatting with nearby users.
  • Option to upgrade to premium membership at any time for enhanced benefits.
  • Enjoy all the free services offered by Growlr in the present time.

  • Premium membership: Growlr offers a premium membership for users who want to access additional features and benefits.
  • Additional connected members worldwide: With a premium membership, users can connect with an expanded network of members from around the world.
  • Present time: The premium membership allows users to enjoy all the enhanced features at the present time.

A premium membership on Growlr offers several advantages over its free counterpart. Firstly, it grants access to additional connected members worldwide, greatly expanding one’s potential matches and connections. Secondly, by having a premium membership, users can enjoy the benefits of enhanced features that make navigating and interacting on the platform much easier in the present time.

Growlr Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

Profile Quality and User Base

  • Profiles on Growlr offer a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to navigate and find what they’re looking for.
  • Unlike other sites or apps, Growlr provides a unique community specifically tailored for bears and their admirers, allowing users to connect with like-minded individuals.
  • The platform offers a range of features that cater to the interests and preferences of its users, setting it apart from other apps or websites.
  • With a diverse user base, Growlr provides an opportunity for users to interact with not only other bears but also a variety of individuals who appreciate this distinct subculture.

I have found the user profiles on Growlr to be quite user friendly. It is easy to navigate through different sections and find information about other members. The profiles provide helpful details such as age, location, and interests, allowing me to quickly determine if someone might be a good match for chatting or meeting up with. Additionally, the option to include multiple pictures provides a visual representation of other users before even engaging in conversation.

Browsing through the user profiles on Growlr has given me an opportunity to get acquainted with other bears in the community. It’s interesting to see diverse backgrounds and personalities showcased within each profile. Some users share fun anecdotes or personal preferences that make their profiles standout from others. Through this experience, I have learned how important it is to add unique elements that reflect my own personality into my profile in order to stand out amongst the crowd of bear enthusiasts on Growlr.

  • Use high-quality, clear photos: Good photos grab attention and showcase your best features, making your profile more appealing to other users.
  • Be specific about your interests and hobbies: Sharing unique details can create conversation starters and help you connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Craft a catchy headline or tagline: A well-written headline can spark curiosity and make your profile memorable among other bears on the platform.
  • Showcase your sense of humor: Adding some wit or funny anecdotes to your profile helps display your personality and makes you stand out from others who may have generic descriptions.
  • Include information about what you’re looking for: Clearly stating your preferences and intentions helps potential matches understand how they fit into your dating goals, saving time and effort for both parties.
  • Engage in conversations with others: Actively participating in discussions and commenting on other users’ posts shows that you are social and approachable, attracting potential connections.
  • Add meaningful and thoughtful captions to your photos: Describing the context or story behind each photo gives a glimpse into your life and provides an opportunity for others to engage with you.
  • Update your profile regularly: By refreshing your profile periodically, you show that you are an active user and not someone who abandoned their account long ago, which may increase your chances of connecting with others.
  • Utilize available features: Explore the various options provided by Growlr, such as adding hashtags, personalizing themes, or utilizing location-based features, to enhance your profile’s appearance and functionality.
  • Respectful communication: Treating other users with kindness, respect, and genuine interest in their lives helps build a positive image for yourself, making you stand out among those who may engage in rude or inappropriate interactions.
Growlr Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

Safety & Privacy

Safety and security are of utmost importance on Growlr. The platform verifies its users through a strict verification process, ensuring that individuals are who they claim to be. In order to combat bots and fake accounts, Growlr has implemented measures to detect and remove such profiles from the app. Additionally, users have the option to enable two-step verification for added protection against unauthorized access.

To uphold privacy standards, all user-uploaded photos undergo manual review by the Growlr team before being made public in accordance with their privacy policy.

While Growlr takes several precautions towards safety and security, there is room for improvement. Enhancing safety guidelines to educate users on basic safety practices could help ensure a safer experience for all members. By providing additional tools or features that empower users to better protect themselves online, Growlr can continue prioritizing the well-being of its community members even further.

Fake Profiles

Growlr, a social networking app for gay bears and their admirers, unfortunately encounters its fair share of fake profiles and bots. These accounts are created with dishonest intentions, often for scams or unethical purposes. To ensure user safety on the platform, Growlr has implemented stringent safety guidelines that seek to minimize these deceptive accounts.

Users should be cautious when interacting with unfamiliar profiles and report any suspicious activity promptly. By following basic safety practices such as verifying profiles before exchanging personal information or meeting offline, users can engage with confidence on Growlr while avoiding potential risks associated with fake profiles and bots.

  • Always follow the safety guidelines: Familiarize yourself with Growlr’s safety guidelines and make sure to adhere to them while using the app. These guidelines are designed to protect users from fake profiles and bots.
  • Verify profiles before engaging: Before engaging in conversations or sharing personal information, take a moment to verify the authenticity of a profile. Look for verified badges or other indicators provided by Growlr that help identify genuine users.
  • Pay attention to warning signs: Be cautious if a profile seems too good to be true or displays suspicious behavior. Warning signs may include automated responses, requests for money, or unusual and inappropriate content. Report any doubts or concerns to Growlr’s support team.

Growlr Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?


Users can access the support of Growlr through various channels. They can visit the support page on their website, where they will find a range of helpful resources and information. For more direct assistance, users can contact Growlr’s support team via email. The response time is typically prompt, ensuring that users receive timely assistance with any issues or queries they may have.

Additionally, Growlr provides a comprehensive FAQ page that covers common questions and concerns.

Compared to other alternatives, Growlr offers robust support options for its users. With an easily accessible support page, responsive email assistance, and a comprehensive FAQ section, Growlr ensures that users have multiple avenues to seek help when needed. This commitment to customer support sets it apart from other platforms in the same category and reinforces its dedication to user satisfaction.

Growlr Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?


Alright, folks, buckle up and hold onto your dating hats because I’ve got some feelings to unload about a little app called Growlr. Now, let me start by saying this ain’t no Cinderella story – more like a pumpkin left out in the rain. Picture this: you’re hopping on board the online dating train in search of love (or maybe just a good time), and you stumble upon Growlr amidst a sea of other options. Sounds promising, right? Well, let me burst that bubble faster than an overinflated balloon at a kid’s birthday party. First things first, let’s talk about the crowd on Growlr. Boy oh boy, I encountered quite a few freaks on there that gave me serious heebie-jeebies. Don’t get me wrong; we all have our quirks and fetishes, but this app seemed to attract more oddballs than a clown convention. And not the fun kind either – think circus clowns hiding behind bushes ready to pop out when you least expect it.

No thanks! Now here’s where things start to take an unexpected turn – though not necessarily in the right direction. The website itself is incredibly designed with flashy colors and fancy graphics that might momentarily blind you with their allure. But trust me when I say that looks can be deceiving! Much like buying yourself an overpriced pair of designer shoes only for them to fall apart within minutes of wearing them, Growlr’s amazing features are nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Let’s move on to what really matters – those hot users everybody seems to rave about. Sure, they may appear tantalizingly attractive from afar, much like opening up Instagram and gawking at pictures of delicious food while enduring hunger pangs so severe they could rival Godzilla-sized stomach growls. However (and brace yourselves for disappointment), appearances often deceive my friends!

Once you dig deeper into the profiles, you’ll realize that many are simply digital mirages. Committing time and money to this app only to discover a desert devoid of real connections is as valuable as using said dollar bills for impromptu origami sessions. Now listen up because here’s the key point I want you all to take away from this: Growlr has captured a niche market within the dating scene. It’s primarily aimed at those who have an affinity for bears – not the kind that roam through forests mind you, but rather hirsute gentlemen with uncompromising charisma. So if that rings your bell and makes your heart flutter like seeing a buttery pancake stack on a Sunday morning menu, then sure, maybe give it a whirl. But let me be frank here – if you’re looking for more variety or just a general shot at love or lust, Growlr might leave you feeling emptier than Al Capone’s vault. With limited options outside its specialty, it’s like going into Baskin-Robbins and being told they only serve one flavor (and trust me when I say it ain’t mint chocolate chip). So save yourself some sanity points along with precious minutes of swiping left on questionable characters who think posing while wearing nothing but socks counts as seduction. Give Growlr a pass, my friends – there are plenty of other fish in the dating sea waiting to be caught!

Growlr Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

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1. Is Growlr legit?

Yeah, Growlr is totally legit! It’s a great app for gay guys looking to connect with like-minded individuals and find their life lover. You can easily chat, share pictures, and set up romantic dates without having to disclose your personal mail address until you’re comfortable taking the further contact offline.

2. Is Growlr free?

Yeah, babe! Growlr is totally free to download and use, no hidden fees or anything. However, if you wanna unlock extra features like unlimited guys nearby or the ability to send photos in chat, they offer a subscription plan for a few bucks a month. So go ahead, find your furry life lover and set up that romantic date without worrying about cost! But remember, keep safe with online strangers by avoiding giving out personal info like mail addresses until you establish further contact.

3. How to use Growlr without paying?

To use Growlr without paying, create a profile with your basic details and preferences—skip the extras. Start browsing and connecting with potential life lovers through the chat feature, but remember to take things offline for a romantic date once you feel a connection. Just be cautious about sharing personal information like phone numbers or email addresses until you’ve established further contact with someone.

4. How does Growlr website work?

So, Growlr is a platform for all the rugged guys and bear enthusiasts out there! Once you sign up using your email address, you can create a profile with pictures and details about your life. From there, you can start browsing through profiles of potential life lovers nearby to chat with and hopefully plan that perfect romantic date!

5. How to find people on Growlr?

So, to find people on Growlr and potentially spice up your romantic life, just get on the app, create a profile with some attractive pictures showing your true self as a life lover, and start swiping through potential matches. Once you come across someone interesting who catches your eye, strike up a convo in the chat feature or maybe even exchange mail addresses for further contact. And voila! You might just end up with a sizzling hot romantic date!

6. How can I contact Growlr?

Hey there! If you’re looking for further contact or have any questions about Growlr to spice up your romantic life, you can shoot them an email at their mail address. They’ll be more than happy to assist and help you find your life lover for that next epic romantic date!

Growlr Review 2023 – Is It Worth Trying?

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